Kay Thurn

Smith Senior Living Trustee since 2008
“Most of us address end-of-life issues only when we experience a healthcare crisis,” states Kay Thurn, an educator and licensed clinical psychologist who has a private practice with clients experiencing long-term and chronic illnesses and the bereavement process.

“Active, vital older adults, who decide to move into a continuing care retirement community, are savvy about anticipating whatever their future may be,” she adds. “Of course, all of us hope that life continues to treat us well. But our residents are wise about determining how they will enjoy the last chapter of their lives, especially if they encounter health problems.”

Kay Thurn’s mother-in-law, for example, lived at Washington and Jane Smith in the 1990s before it was completely transformed into Smith Village. “Although she was reticent to move, she soon discovered many ways—from meeting new friends to getting her hair done—that decision improved all aspects of her life.”

In 2009, Dr. Thurn was recruited to lead DePaul University’s Department of Nursing. Prior to that over three decades, she was promoted from instructor to interim dean of the School of Nursing at Saint Xavier University. A registered nurse, she holds a master’s degree in psychiatric nursing from Saint Xavier University and earned her doctorate at the Adler School of Professional Psychology in Chicago.


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