Timothy Regan

Smith Senior Living Trustee since 2015
“We should strive to ensure old age does not make people feel diminished,” says Timothy A.
Regan, whose parents gracefully cared for his grandmother. “Our society often views our most
vulnerable members as ‘resource hogs’ when we should focus instead on the best ways to
ensure their dignity and enjoyment of this chapter of their lives,” Regan notes.
According to Regan, Baby Boomers’ increased demands charge experts like Smith Senior
Living to create new ways to support older adults by providing a more diverse portfolio of
services and programs for those who choose to reside in a continuing care retirement
community and those who prefer to stay in their homes.

“More than ever, consumers are committed to receiving the best value for their investments,”
says Regan, a wealth advisor who owns Orland Area Associates, a team member of Thrivent
Associates which helps Christians be wise with money and live generously. “For all of us, the
challenge is to anticipate our future so we can make realistic plans while enjoying life as we live
it. I know this process works because several of our clients now reside at Smith Crossing. They
truly worked and planned to enjoy that lifestyle and appreciate a sense of security about their
future,” explains Regan.

The Frankfort resident believes his experiences as a volunteer as board chair of Trinity Lutheran
School and chairman of the corporate board of Grace Christian Academy. I continue to learn the
value of aligning not-for-profit organizations with sponsors and of partnering with other
organizations. Both are great way to leverage our resources and serve more people,” explains
Regan, the past chairman of the congregation of St. Paul Lutheran Church.
“We can develop new models for senior living by understanding the differences between basic
needs and wants. While my education and training is in finance, I know from experience a true
clarity of purpose gives Smith the confidence to fulfill our promise to residents today as we seek
out new opportunities,” Regan states.